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The best Enhanced Brand Content Amazon tips and secrets

Are you an Amazon FBA Seller who is ready to start selling online 2021 ? Do not forget about Enhanced Brand Content Amazon section, which becomes a powerful conversion rate optimization e-commerce tool!
The best Enhanced Brand Content Amazon tips and secrets

Key Moments:

Are you an Amazon FBA Seller, who created main amazon listing photos and is ready to start selling online 2021 ?

Wait a moment!

In Amazon Product Listing Step by Step journey, you need to make one more step, to have the best Amazon Listing Optimization 2021 and boost sales right away!

This step – is creating an Enhanced Brand Content Amazon section (shortly EBC or A+ content) which becomes a powerful conversion rate optimization e-commerce tool and the last trigger for the page visitors to make a purchase!

What exactly is Amazon EBC Content section about?

Let MySpace creative team lead you through this journey and introduce you closer to this feature!

What is Enhanced Brand Content Amazon?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC or A+ content) is a section that appears from the bottom of the product page and consists of Amazon listing images, placed in different, most of the time, creative order.

Tablet Mockup A+ content section for Amazon Best sellers and Amazon main product images

Amazon Enhanced Brand content images (as main listing product images) are created to describe product features and characteristics but in a different way. In this section, the brand can share its story, add more images with a product, open all benefits of the product, which were not highlighted (or were quickly highlighted) in the main Amazon Product Listing images.

In simple words, if you would be a Capitan on the ship, the EBC section would be your Safe Boat. In the situation, when your main Amazon listing images are not eye-catching or do not stand out, A + content section can help the product to grab customer’s attention and become the trigger for purchase.

Creating EBC section on the product page becomes an important part of the Amazon FBA 2021 strategy and an irreplaceable tool in increasing conversion rate.

Is A + content section important?

The answer is NO – if you are not interested in a great way to high conversion rates, increasing traffic and sales. But as we are sure, the main goal of every Amazon seller – to make the product STAND OUT, so this feature is a must-have in your journey to successful selling online products.

What are the benefits of Effective Enhanced Brand Content:

– add a bonus to the product presentation;
– presenting Amazon product listing variations;
– add extra benefit to the seller towards other sellers, who does not have such feature on the page;
– increase conversion rates, because plays a big role in product listing optimization.
– highlight more bullet points (customer’s problems and the way of their solving with the product)
– provide more detailed description of the product and information, that can not be used in main Amazon listing images.

Example of the product page WITH and WITHOUT A+ content:

How to create Enhanced Brand Content Amazon?

Basically, you need to add any content, which will help customers to make a purchase decision.

Enhanced Brand Content Amazon tutorial can include:

– banner with brand’s name and logo;
– brand history and values;
– any paragraph headers and images;
– product with competitor compering
– statistic, demographic, analytics;
– educational content for customers;
– links to other products and the brand store

MySpace Amazon graphic designers use a variety of visual elements and techniques, infographics and lifestyle images, which helps in a creative and eye-catching way highlight all information about the product that help customers to make a purchase decision.

You can check more examples of portfolio works by visiting studio’s Behance profile.

Tablet Mockup A+ content section for Amazon Best sellers and Amazon main product images

Are there any requirements for A + content ?

Yes, and these EBC requirements are extremely important to know, if you plan to take images creation under control – without trusting it to the design studio:

  • EBC section can be realized in Amazon A+ templates OR custom layouts (which prepared by designer)
  • the maximum amount of modules on the page: 5
  • each image has exact dimensions which have to be kept to be uploaded on the page;

Trusting this task to MySpace creative studio you do not need to worry about any of these moments in your Amazon FBA step by step listing journey. Our creative team takes each project under 100% control and is directed on providing only the best results, which will completely answer your goals and wishes.

More information about Amazon Graphic Design services you can check on this page.



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