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How to create Amazon listing photos – one of the best Amazon listing optimization tool!

Do you plan to become the Best Amazon Seller in your niche and create a powerful Amazon business by selling products online? Learn how to create Amazon listing photos and use it as one of the best Amazon listing optimization tool!
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Key Moments:

Do you plan to become the Best Amazon Seller in your niche and create a powerful Amazon business by selling products online?


But does your product photography ready for it?

The same as the product by itself – Amazon product listing images are highly important in reaching success for each seller. Amazon listing pictures – are the bridge between “search request” and the actual decision to “purchase”.

So how to edit photos for Amazon listing and increase sales?

Down below you will find step-by-step guide, how to create Amazon listing photos and use it as one of the best Amazon listing optimization tool!

Time to hit competitors, boost sales and impress visitors from the first sight!


Probably one of the most important steps in photo editing and creative product design process – understanding, who do you want to buy it?

Are they women or men? Are they young or adult? Are they business-oriented or office workers? Do they have an active lifestyle or more domestic? All these factors and highly important in creating a strong visual connection between future product design images and potential buyers.

Example 1. Sport Dumbbell for men

Example 2. Sun Powder for women.

Do you have product photography with phone or professional product photos, taken on a white backdrop with help of a professional photographer? MySpace Creative Studio will take any product images under control and dive into the nature of the product – to understand what audience they build the communication with.

More information about design services and how they can be useful for your business you can find by visiting myspacestudio.com

Also use FREE TRIAL option to try skill and level of editing on your product photos already today and for free!


Analyzing competitors (who take a leading position in the niche) is important, for understanding what exactly tools and methods do they use for attracting and generating sales.

Perhaps they have a WOW design style with 3D effects? Or some product benefits highlighted more than others? Maybe visual packaging answers more to the visual preferences of potential buyers?

Know your competitors face-to-face and use analysis of their visual side NOT to copy, but to make your amazon listing images much better!

When you have the list of why your competitor’s product images look strong and converting – you are ready to take the next step.


You know the best all benefits and advantages of the product!

It is time to share with future buyers in the best way, why they should choose your product, instead of competitors.

This stage is about planning the characteristics, which will be highlighted on main Amazon images by using different visual elements, colors, typography, 3D effects, product shots, and lifestyle photos.

Amazon product photography tips down below, create a template example of objectives, that can be used for images:

Photo 1. Hero image, which converts clicks and show the product in details and from its best sides!

it is a great idea to have a few versions of the hero image, to see and understand how people will interact with each of them in the future.


Photo 2. The composition of all product details / flat lay;

Photo 3. Highlight product details and their quality (material, aroma etc);

Photo 4. Functions of the product;

Photo 5. Opening experience for the buyer;

Photo 6. User experience, how the product can be used in real life;

Photo 7. Competitor VS image;

Photo 8. Durability and ergonomics;

Photo 9. Size in metrics and real world.



After visual understanding, what do you wish to have on images – it is time to outline each photo to provide the design studio a sketch of the perfect final result for you.

You can draw, create a list of screenshots as references for every photo or provide detailed comments for each Amazon image.

If you are not sure about your vision of images, do not worry! MySpace Creative team will take this question under control. Having experience over 10 years of the work in this field – we know how to create eye-catching, outstanding, competitive images, that become an important part of amazon listing optimization 2021.


When you have a detailed plan about your wishes for future Amazon images – it is time to use professional graphic designers for implements all your wishes into reality!

And for this goal – MySpace Creative Studio is exactly what you are looking for!

We provide professional photo editing, Amazon graphic Design, and Marketing Design services – and have become the best tool for reaching popularity and success in visual identity for all kinds of businesses.

Visit myspacestudio.com and create outstanding Amazon product listing images that boost sales already today!

Plan to learn how to edit product images? Visit our Youtube Channel MySpace Creative Studio – to find out more about our creative process! Amazon product listing photoshop tutorials, photo editing videos, photo editing background change techniques and many more!



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