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4 Amazon images mistakes 2021 that every seller should know!

Starting Amazon FBA business it is important to know WHAT NOT TO DO. If you want to become Amazon Best Seller and lead a really successful business - take your time and explore amazon images mistakes, that can wait for you on the way of the journey.
4 Amazon images mistakes 2021

Key Moments:

Nowadays, every business blog and youtube channel shares with you – how to start a successful Amazon FBA business. Certainly, this information can be helpful, but in success, the most important part is not WHAT TO DO, but WHAT NOT TO DO. If you want to become Amazon Best Seller and lead a really successful business – take your time and explore 4 Amazon images mistakes 2021, that can wait for you on the way of the journey.

In the article “The best Amazon images requirements 2021 that boost sales” we shared Amazon image requirements 2021 and the most important things in creating product images for the Amazon platform.

Now it is time to get acquainted with what critical mistakes every successful Amazon seller SHOULD NOT DO and what important aspects should be taken into count.

Mistake 1. To be AVERAGE

Potential buyers need milliseconds to get interested in some product. If you simply have just «white background” pictures as hundreds of other sellers – no one will notice you.

MySpace creative team, in cooperation with Amazon sellers clients – provides analysis of competitors in the niche and creates unique and attractive graphic design images, that follow the brand identity style and to the target audience’s expectations.

Bad example of Amazon Listing pictures

Good example of Amazon Listing pictures

To be not like the other – follow such Amazon product photography tips:

  • liven your photos with creative details;
  • create some kind of composition;
  • add colors in the image, so it doesn’t look dull or dark;
  • demonstrate to buyers, how they can use your product

Such kind of images catch the eye and stop the scroll.

More information about design services and how they can be useful for the business you can find by visiting myspacestudio.com

Also use FREE TRIAL option to try skill and level of editing on your product photos already today and for free!

Mistake 2. Wrong Product Purpose

Product images become converting – when they show the right product purpose.

Understanding, why potential buyers will choose the product and make a purchase – is a key to increasing sales. There are a lot of people who sell on Amazon the same product, but there are not many people, who show the product in all its beauty and fill images with the right purpose.

Right purpose consists of the next steps:

  1. Attention;
  2. Interest;
  3. Desire;
  4. Action.

Every Amazon FBA step by step listing should include:

  1. Catching the customer’s attention to the main image, to stir up a little bit of interest;
  2. Increasing interest by peaking their desire;
  3. Motivation to action.

Mistake 3. To be the King without Crown

If you do first two mistakes – your product photos look cheap.

Always be sure, that your product has the highest value on Amazon and this value is perceived.

For the first Hero image, it is important to make things unique and awesome, which increases the desire to buy the product.

Classic and briefly describing the formulation of the product is never interesting for customers. Everyone wants to see a bright, clear and attractive product image, that shows how it can be used.

Goal #1 for every Amazon seller – to make photos premium even though it’s inexpensive.

MySpace Creative Studio knows the best, how to transform simple and usual product shots – into high quality and lead conversion images. Using a variety of visual and art techniques we provide interactive infographics and realistic lifestyle Amazon listing images – that make your product unique.

More examples of the work and recent projects you can check by visiting our Portfolio or Behance.

Using the right colour palette, typography, composition and balance of elements for the private label Amazon FBA images listing – is a key to become Best Amazon Seller in the niche.

Mistake 4. Avoid the Help

Now you know the most popular seller’s mistakes in creating an Amazon Product listing images.

Keep everything in mind is not easy! So you can always be sure in getting the best help from MySpace creative studio professionals.

Myspace studio takes product images under control and provides professional photo editing, Amazon graphic Design, and Marketing Design services.

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