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Show the best sides of your product with a set of professional infographic images!

Share with customers the size, material, benefits, and other characteristics of the product in an easy and interactive way!

What is Infographic image?

Infographic images take the biggest part in the Main Amazon listing.

Infographics share with potential buyers all important information about the product, open its strong sides, highlight main benefits and characteristics in an attractive, easy, and understandable way.

With a set of colors, typography, brand identity elements, product images, and other visual elements, infographics provide a clear message and create a strong communication between the brand and customers.

How to use Product Infographic Image?

Every product is unique – and infographics’ mission is to show the value, that every customer will get with a purchase.

Share the biggest product benefits (as natural materials, unique technology, organic ingredients); show how the product works with important tips and behind scenes of the work process; describe the main problems, that product solves; give exact numbers and dimensions; provide buyers with instruction how to use the product and many more!

Infographic Image is the way to communicate with customers, educate them and give all answers in an understandable for everyone visual way.
Decrease the amount of questions from confused buyers and increase the amount of positive feedback on the page with professional and attractive infographics.

What product advantages do Infographics Highlight?

Find the best options for your business niche:

Mobile Optimized Images Only!

The statistics show, that over 80% of Amazon shoppers are mobile users, and actively use the phone to make research and purchase.

That is why MySpace team creates infographics, that are completely optimized for mobile screens. Your customers will not experience difficulties with reading the text, contrasted images of blurred details.

The balanced system of colors, typography, icons, shapes, product images, and other visual elements – will provide comfortable and interactive time-spending on the product page and get acquainted with all its benefits.

TRIAL image in 24 hours

Professional product editing and retouching services for your product photo

Just upload any type of files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, RAW, PSD), leave your detailed comments / instructions about photo editing you need, and get back your image in the shortest time.

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All payments with MySpace Studio are protected. Before starting the contract, you escrow the amount on the International platform and make the final payment only after get the final result.

We provide services, based on quality, and not speed. Before starting the project we collect all needed materials - you will be informed about timelines of the final delivery via email.

Our creative team connects over 10 professional editors, photographers, and designers, that will use their experience 100% to provide you with the results, that answer your needs and goals!

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