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Amazon EBC / A+ content service

Increase customer’s trust, boost product’s rates, and high up sales with a detailed A+ content section!

Use on 100% Amazon Content Tools to lead a successful Amazon business!

What is EBC section?

Enhanced Brand Content (another term A+ content) section is located at the bottom of the product page, under Main Amazon Listing Images, product description, featured products, and above section “Customer questions & answers”

This is a content section, that consists of modules (graphic images + text ) and allows brands to share wide information about the product. Having EBC on the page is a great way to catch the customer’s attention and motivate them to make a purchase.

Buyers, that visited the product page and scrolled down, have a great opportunity to explore more interesting information about the product and, instead of leaving, stay longer on the page.

How your EBC / A+ content will look like?

There are many variations and ways of presenting the Enhanced Brand Content section and each of them has its advantages and limitations.

With MySpace studio, your A+ content section will appear in the form of a “landing page”. Each module will be presented by a graphic image, that in all details highlight one or another benefit of the product or brand.

All images will be connected with each other by meaning, colors, typography, style, and visual elements. In other words – you will have an additional “landing page” for the product, which will share more information with potential buyers about the brand and product in an interactive and attractive way. 

Why Amazon A+ content is MUST HAVE?

Explore all advantages that EBC gives for Amazon sellers:

Mobile Optimized Images Only!

The statistics show, that over 80% of Amazon shoppers are mobile users, and actively use the phone to make research and purchase.

MySpace team creates Enhanced Brand Content images, that are completely optimized for mobile screens. Your customers will not experience difficulties with reading the text, contrasted images or blurred details.

The balanced system of colors, typography, icons, shapes, product images, and other visual elements – will provide comfortable and interactive time-spending and getting acquainted with the product.

TRIAL image in 24 hours

Professional product editing and retouching services for your product photo

Just upload any type of files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, RAW, PSD), leave your detailed comments / instructions about photo editing you need, and get back your image in the shortest time.

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Your best experience is our best reward!

All payments with MySpace Studio are protected. Before starting the contract, you escrow the amount on the International platform and make the final payment only after get the final result.

We provide services, based on quality, and not speed. Before starting the project we collect all needed materials - you will be informed about timelines of the final delivery via email.

Our creative team connects over 10 professional editors, photographers, and designers, that will use their experience 100% to provide you with the results, that answer your needs and goals!

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