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Amazon Brand Story Design

Attract, Inspire, Sale!

A professionally designed Brand Story enhances your presence on the platform and drives more sales, by increasing trust and connection with customers.

What is Amazon Brand Story?

Amazon Brand Story is a unique Content section, that is located right above the Enhanced Brand Content section ( A+ / A++) and allows Amazon sellers to share their brand’s unique story, values, and products with customers.

Brand Story contains a thematic Background image, that establish a strong visual connection with potential buyers, along with 6-12 product cards, which may provide valuable information about the brand or founder, range of products, Q&A, customers’ reviews and many more!

This section helps potential buyers to navigate with ease among brand’s products, get quick answers to important questions, and become closer to brand by learning its story and values.

How to incrase Sales with Brand Story ?

If being unique is what you are chasing for in your Amazon business – the Brand Story section is must have!

Eyes can see, but heart feels.

A strong Brand Story, besides showcasing visually beautiful product images, shares the personality of the brand, creating a strong feeling of trust and confidence in making a purchase.

This important tool on the product page may be a game-changer in the Amazon game for any business. Using specific images, texts and headlines can help to highlight the brand’s identity, mission and goals, which sets it apart from even the strongest competitors.

Improve your conversion rates by showing the range of best-selling products, increasing trust and credibility, and staying consistent in visual communication with customers along all product listings!

Do you need a Brand Story?

If your Amazon business goals are similar to one of the next ones:

Win traffic with Mobile Optimized Images

The statistics show, that over 80% of Amazon shoppers are mobile users, and actively use the phone to make research and purchase.

Having Mobile Optimized Amazon images is very important to catch and keep the attention of customers and provide them with the best experience of getting acquainted with the product and making decision to make the purchase.

All Amazon Images produced by MySpace creative team is web and mobile-optimized, which allows using the best quality product photos with great loading speed and comfort for viewing not only from desktops but from mobile devices as well.

Ready to attract, Inspire, Sale with Brand Story?

Your best experience is our best reward!

All payments with MySpace Studio are protected. Before starting the contract, you escrow the amount on the International platform and make the final payment only after get the final result.

We provide services, based on quality, and not speed. Before starting the project we collect all needed materials - you will be informed about timelines of the final delivery via email.

Our creative team connects over 10 professional editors, photographers, and designers, that will use their experience 100% to provide you with the results, that answer your needs and goals!

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